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New point system

We overhauled the whole gamification system of Pausly.

Reintroduction of jokers

We went back to the drawing board and reinvented jokers.

What’s new in Pausly, July 2023

New Pausly Pro features, an option to exchange individual movements, a small streak update, and more.

Minor tweaks to the streak system

We've made some tiny but important changes to the streak system and are introducing the 4-day workweek.

What’s new in Pausly, June 2023

New team member Naomi, Slack integration and Pricing

Get full type support with plain JavaScript

Learn how you can reap the benefits of TypeScript and still write plain JavaScript.

New team member: Naomi

Naomi is a physiotherapist and will make sure all movements are effective and safe.

What’s new in Pausly, May 2023

Overhauled emoji reactions and better notifications.

What’s new in Pausly, April 2023

Poses, Microsoft Teams integration, new logo and design as well as performance improvements.

What’s new in Pausly, March 2023

Rest days, profile usernames, emojis & colors, streak reminders, and organization support.

New streak system... again!

We continue refining our streak system. Streaks are now weekday based.

What’s new in Pausly, February 2023

Overhauled streak system, better achievements & emails, new mobile menu, and much more.

Accessible hamburger buttons without JavaScript

Learn how to create an accessible hamburger button with pure HTML and CSS.

What’s new in Pausly, January 2023

Beta launch, Public events, new Movements, and other improvements.

Beta Launch

Pausly enters the Beta phase. Learn what this means for you and the future of Pausly.

First public event

The first public Pausly event will take place the 1st of January.

What’s new in Pausly, December 2022

New name, new audio chat, new exercises, reactions, better images, and bug fixes.

New streak system

We have completely overhauled the streak system of Pausly. 🔥

PauseWithMe is now Pausly

After some consideration we decided to part with the name

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👋 This is the place where you will find updates about Pausly as well as technical posts.