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What’s new in Pausly, March 2023

Streak updates with rest days, profile usernames, emojis & colors, improved settings, improved onboarding, prettier profile pages, streak reminders, and organization support.

New streak system... again!

We continue refining our streak system. Streaks are now weekday based. Do at least one session a day from Monday to Friday to keep your streak going.

What’s new in Pausly, February 2023

Overhauled streak system, better achievements & emails, new movements & outfits, better performance & accessibility, new mobile menu, SvelteKit showcase, and more.

Accessible hamburger buttons without JavaScript

Learn how to create an accessible hamburger button with pure HTML and CSS and why that is important.

A diagram of a hamburger button that changes from it’s original hamburger form to a close symbol. The elements are arranged in a way that makes it look like a smiley.

What’s new in Pausly, January 2023

Beta launch, Public events, new Movements, and other improvements.

Beta Launch

Pausly enters the Beta phase. Learn what this means for you and the future of Pausly.

First public event

The first public Pausly event will take place the 1st of January.

What’s new in Pausly, December 2022

New name, new audio chat, new exercises, reactions, better images, and bug fixes.

New streak system

We have completely overhauled the streak system of Pausly. Learn all about it and how you get these streak flames 🔥 in this post.

PauseWithMe is now Pausly

After some consideration we decided to part with the name The new domain is now 🥳

Welcome to the Pausly blog

👋 This is the place where you will find updates about Pausly as well as technical posts.