Reintroduction of jokers

Thursday, September 28th, 2023, 12:06

Reintroduction of jokers

We've had quite a few attempts, trying to get our streak and joker system right, and the last changes continue our effort to provide the best solution.

Short history

For those of you that have been part of Pausly from the beginning, you might remember that we initially launched with "Weekend Jokers". These were sort of recurring jokers that you could use each week to avoid losing your streak over the weekend.

This system proved to be a bit complicated and caused confusion. That's why we switched to a less flexible, but more classical system that simply allows users to skip Saturday and Sunday and still maintain a streak. (For unusual work schedules we still allow changing these 2 days however.)

Jokers are back 🩹

Although it's now possible to skip the weekend without losing a streak, we still wanted to make sure that skipping a day wouldn't be punished too harshly. Whether you're sick one day, taking a holiday or simply forgot to do a session: it's frustrating to lose the whole streak over one mistake.

That's why we are reintroducing jokers. Here is a short summary:

  • You get a Joker every 30 sessions (so if you do 3 sessions a day, you get one joker after 10 days)
  • When you lost your streak, you'll be asked at the beginning of your next session whether you want to use your joker to recover your streak. If you choose to do so, you'll lose your joker and will resume your streak after you complete the session.
  • If you have multiple jokers, you'll be able to use 1 joker for each day that you missed in your streak (excluding weekends).

We hope you like the changes and you'll be glad to have a joker when you need it!

Happy pausing