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Break bad habits

Or let others break them for you

We all know, that it’s unhealthy to sit at a desk for too long without a pause. But even with the best intentions, it’s hard to stay consistent and take a short break regularly.

Pausly’s goal is to make this easier, by incentivizing you to take breaks with other people.

Do it together

Motivate & get motivated

Create a session, and share it with your colleagues and friends. Simply send them the link and you’re ready to go. To join a session they don’t even need an account.

Learn more about sessions below
Multiple users in a voice chat with microphone indicators.

Optional voice chat

When you join a session, you can also join the Audio Only Chat. So you can get updated on the latest gossip while you stretch and strengthen your body.

# Sessions

Stretches & strength exercises

A session is a collection of exercises that you can perform alone or together with others. It’s always around four to five minutes, but never longer than 5 minutes.

The exercises have been chosen to be easy to do for most people, but you always have the choice to get alternative exercises if something isn’t right for you.

You’ll never break a sweat... hopefully.

It’s like your personal trainer

But with less talking

During a session, everybody gets countdowns to the next exercise, visual representations of how the exercises are performed and audio cues.

The sessions alternate between stretches and very light strength / core exercises which never last longer than a minute.

torso circles

# Plenty of exercises

You won’t get bored

With over 100 exercises, your breaks never get boring. And new ones are added constantly.

If you want to get more information about how an exercise is performed, simply click on the thumbnail and you’ll get a full description.


# Fun microgames

Stay motivated

Stay motivated by getting achievements and maintaining your streak - and getting achievements for maintaining your streak :)

There are over 40 different achievements that keep you motivated and are fun to share with your friends — like completing a session with 10 people in it, or completing 100 sessions in total.

Over 40
+ Streaks


You’ll always look your best

After each completed session, you have the chance to get a random accessory. There are over 500 different outfits your avatar can wear.

Whenever you create a session, all the people that join your session can see the outfit that you have put together. And you can always show it on your profile page.


# Inclusive

We meet your needs

Whether you are sitting in a wheelchair, working in an office where you can’t do exercises on the floor, sitting in a train or bus, wearing a skirt or thight pants, or simply don’t want to stand up to attract attention; we got you covered.

We offer variations for all exercises. You can simply select which limitations apply to you before or during a session and you’re good to go.

Pausly has an optional Text-To-Speech (TTS) option that reads the exercises and hints out loud so you can follow along without seeing the screen.

Exercises +
Text To Speech

Let’s go!

We’ve got nothing more to say, and it’s probably time for you to take a short break anyway. So click the button!