What’s new in Pausly, May 2023

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023, 16:00

What’s new in Pausly, May 2023

Because our last monthly newsletter came a bit late, this one is a bit shorter than usual, but plenty of things happened nonetheless.

Overhauled emoji-reactions ❤️

Before and after a session users can send each other emoji-reactions by clicking the emoji buttons.

We cleaned up the animations and design of the emojis.

Fist bumps and high fives 🤜🤛

In addition to a new design, you can now initiate a fist bump with the 🤜 emoji, and others can react by sending a 🤛 emoji back. You can also high-five your session mates by sending the 🙌 emoji.

Try it out, it's fun 🙂

Notifications 🔔

We overhauled the way notifications work. Instead of sending a new message every time another user joins a session, we now update the original message to show all members.

This way the message history is cleaner and you won't be overwhelmed with notifications.

Fix notification settings

While we looked at the notifications, we realized that the "Notifications" checkbox did not behave as expected.

This is now fixed: when you add a friend, you won't receive any notifications from them unless you check the "Notifications" checkbox.

Screenshot of notifications checkbox

New movements

As always new movements have been added this month. Half Kneeling Windmills are more difficult than they look! 🙂

New movement previews in blog

And while we're at it, maybe you noticed that the monthly updates now include animated and interactive new movements instead of a simple screenshot.

That's it,
Stay healthy, happy pausing!