PauseWithMe is now Pausly

Monday, November 14th, 2022, 19:16

PauseWithMe is now Pausly

We know that many of you have already grown fond of the name PauseWithMe (as did we) but for a number of reasons we decided to go ahead and rename it to Pausly.

Although PauseWithMe conveys the right message while being a cute and friendly name, it is not well suited as a company name because it is rather long, hard to pronounce in other countries, and hard to find when searching online.

After a few brainstorming sessions (thank you so much Jack!) we landed on Pausly!

Although it might not be as self-describing as PauseWithMe, it is short and works as an autonomous company name. It also doesn't compete with anything else so when searching for it online it's guaranteed you'll get the right result. It's easy to pronounce nearly everywhere, and still kinda cute.

We hope you'll love it too. If not, we're sure you'll grow fond of it eventually. 😃