New streak system

Wednesday, November 16th, 2022, 07:54

New streak system

The streak system has been evolving since the beginning of Pausly and recently we introduced quite a few changes to the way they work. We hope that these changes will motivate you even more to stay active and will simplify how you keep and lose a streak.

What is a streak?

Simply put, a streak means that you have continuously used Pausly at least once a day to take a break from your work.A small flame next to your name indicates that you have started a streak, and the flame becomes more interesting and alive the longer your streak is – more on that later.

We could have left it at that. It would have been really simple to implement and understand, but we wanted to make it reasonable, achievable and accessible to keep a streak for a long period of time. That's why we are now introducing Weekend Jokers.

Weekend Jokers 🎟️

When you start a streak, you'll have a Weekend Joker. This means that you can skip using Pausly for two days without losing your streak.

Once a joker is used, you'll get it back if you build up your streak to at least four days again.

What about night shifts?

If your work schedule is not the typical Mo-Fr/8-5 shift, don't worry. Pausly is very flexible. It doesn't matter if you're working until 2am and that's when you're doing a session. The way streaks are implemented is not based on the time of the day but on your behaviour. So as you're doing a session any time before going to bed, you'll be fine.

At the end of each session, Pausly will tell you when your streak expires and whether you have a weekend joker.

Streak flames 🔥

Streak flames are collectibles that you get for each day you do a session with a 30+ streak. They accumulate over time and you can't lose them.

Four flame icons, with their respective streak days below.Once you reach a 30+ streak, your flame will start animating, that's when you'll start collecting streak flames. The amount of collected streak flames will then also be displayed next to your flame.

If you lose your streak, you'll start with the black flame again. Your collected streak flames will not be displayed anymore but you won't lose them! They'll reappear once you hit your 30 day streak again.

Happy pausing!