What’s new in Pausly, June 2023

Thursday, June 1st, 2023, 11:57

What’s new in Pausly, June 2023

This month was not as feature packed as others but we fixed a few bugs and prepared a lot of things so we can offer more to companies.

New team member Naomi

We now have a physiotherapist in our team. Her name is Naomi and she makes sure that all movements are safe and effective. Read the announcement blog post to learn more.

Pausly Pro

We landed on the name Pausly Pro and renamed the page "For companies" accordingly. We are still working on expanding the things you get for Pausly Pro but at the same time we're very careful that the free version for individuals offers everything you need to have fun and stay healthy. Pausly Pro should only be necessary if you're using Pausly in a company.

Slack integration

We finally finished our Slack integration 🎉. If you have a Pausly Pro account you can already start using it. See the help pages for more info.

We are still working on getting the app into the Slack App store, but this is likely going to take a few months.

Pricing 💰

The pricing is now finalized and we updated our Pricing page. Pausly Pro is 5€ per employee per month. If you're a big company and/or you have teams that are isolated from one another you can get a license for a subset of your employees.

Contact us to get started!

Help pages 🤓

We removed the "Faq" page and replaced it with a new Help section! We already created a few topics but over time we'll make sure that you'll find answers for all your questions there.

New movements

And finally, there are also new movements this month.

Stay healthy, happy pausing!