This help page outlines recommendations for making the most of Pausly, emphasizing regular movement, the use of its social features for motivation, and introducing it in the workplace.

To maximize the benefits of Pausly, here are our key recommendations and best practices.

Numerous studies have highlighted the health risks associated with prolonged periods of sitting or inactivity. It is advised to get moving at least once every hour to combat this.

We understand this might be challenging. The goal is to move as frequently as suits you. Even if that equates to just once or twice a day, it's a significant step forward!

Remember, Pausly isn't just for workdays. If you find yourself immersed in a gaming marathon during your days off, Pausly can be an excellent way to incorporate some physical activity.

While Pausly offers great benefits when used individually, you'll find its true potential through its social features. Encourage your friends to join and keep each other inspired. It's easy to overlook a timer telling you to take a break, but an invite from a friend packs a stronger motivational punch.

If you're finding Pausly beneficial, consider introducing it at your workplace. Chat with your manager or HR department about how Pausly could support a healthier, more dynamic work environment.