For organizations

Explore how organizations can manage Pausly Plus subscriptions directly, ensuring flexibility with changing member counts and enjoying exclusive features like simplified onboarding and enhanced integrations.

Rather than each employee subscribing to Pausly Plus individually and submitting invoices for reimbursement, Pausly facilitates a streamlined process by which organizations can directly handle the payment. Here's how it works:

Pay as You Go

Your Pausly subscription flexibly adjusts with your organization's changing needs. As you welcome new members or bid farewell to current ones, Pausly promptly recalibrates your subscription. This ensures you're only billed for the actual number of active members during that billing period.

For instance, if your monthly subscription begins with 10 members, but midway through the month, 5 members depart, the cost attributed to these 5 members for the half-month they were active will be pro-rated. This adjustment will be reflected and credited in your subsequent billing cycle.

For detailed pricing information, visit our pricing page.

Exclusive Features for Organizations

Beyond giving your team access to all that Pausly Pro has to offer, organizations benefit from an array of exclusive features. These perks include simplified onboarding through email domain recognition, the ability to create and manage teams, enhanced integrations, among others. A comprehensive list of all available features and their benefits can also be found on the pricing page.