Alternative Movements

On the session page, select "Alternative Movements" to customize exercises based on your needs. Adjust for restrictions like "Exclude floor movements" or "Tight pants mode." This personalization affects only your session, not others'.

On a session page, you're given the flexibility to select "Alternative Movements." This feature tailors a unique set of movements to accommodate your specific needs or limitations.

Remember, it's possible to adjust your restrictions and equipment at any point, even mid-session.

Currently, you can apply the following restrictions to personalize your experience:

  • Exclude floor movements
  • Tight pants or skirt mode
  • Only movements for sitting
  • Train, Bus or Airplane mode
  • Only stretchess

It's important to note that applying a restriction modifies the session uniquely for you. Other participants in the session will continue with the standard set of movements. As a result, if anyone has enabled an alternative movement setting, the exercises you perform may differ from those of other participants.