What is a session?

Sessions are designed to help you fit movements into a tight schedule. They are short and compressed into four to five minutes, allowing you to perform meaningful exercise in a minimal amount of time. These sessions are suitable for solo or group participation, giving you flexibility depending on your preference.

Starting a session

You have two simple ways to start your short sessions:

  • Start Immediately: Begin your workout right away.
  • Start After a Timer: Delay your session start with a timer, allowing you to fit it into your day as you see fit.

This approach helps you integrate movement into your routine, whether you're working around a fixed schedule or find unexpected free moments.

Guidance During Sessions

Each session is accompanied by:

  • Animations: Visual demonstrations of each exercise to guide you through the movements accurately.
  • Hints: Tips displayed during the session to remind you of form and technique.

These features aim to assist you in performing exercises correctly, maximizing the benefits of your short session.

Customizing Your Workout

Understanding that fitness levels and capabilities vary, the exercises in each session are chosen for their general accessibility. However, if you find certain movements unsuitable, you have the option to switch them out for alternatives. Read more.