Point & level system

Learn how to accumulate points and level up by attending sessions, with a bonus for the first sessions of the day. Points are enhanced by multipliers that increase with consecutive daily sessions. Unlock rare outfits and level up by reaching points milestones.

Every time you complete a session, you have the opportunity to rack up points. Here's how the system operates:

  • Earn 30 points for your first session of the day.
  • The second session grants you 20 points.
  • Every session thereafter awards 10 point.

Multiplier Effect

With each session, your points gain a little extra oomph thanks to a multiplier. This multiplier increases by 1 each new day, up to a cap of x10. Miss a day? Your multiplier decreases by 0.2, but it will always stay at x1.0 at the minimum.

This multiplier applies to the points you earn from each session, giving your total a nice boost.

Unlocking Rewards

Accumulating points leads to some cool perks. Reach 2000 points (or a multiple of 2000), and you'll unlock either a common or rare outfit. Exclusive to the high achievers, amassing 10,000 points lets you level up and snag an epic outfit.

Breaking it Down: A Walkthrough

To help illustrate how points tally up, let's look at an example scenario for a newcomer:

Day Total Points Mult. Sessions Points gained Calculation
1 0 pts x1.0 2 50pts (30+20)*1.0
2 50 pts x2.0 3 120pts (30+20+10)*2.0
3 170 pts x3.0 2 150pts (30+20)*3.0
4 320 pts x4.0 1 120pts (30)*4.0
5 440 pts x5.0 4 350pts (30+20+10+10)*5.0
6 790 pts x6.0 0
7 790 pts x5.8 2 290pts (30+20)*5.8
8 1080 pts x6.8 1 204pts (30)*6.8
9 1284 pts x7.8 0
10 1284 pts x7.6 0
11 1284 pts x7.4 0
12 1284 pts x7.2 3 432pts (30+20+10)*7.2
13 1716 pts x8.2 etc...