Learn how Pausly Plus subscribers can boost engagement by creating contests, setting rules, and inviting users. Details include joining methods, point systems with modifications, and features for organizations.

Contests are a fantastic way to boost motivation and engagement.

Anyone subscribing to the Pausly Plus plan is empowered to create contests and invite users, including those on the free plan.

Each contest is defined by a start and end date alongside specific rules. For instance, you might limit the countable number of sessions per day within the contest framework.

To join a contest, users must first accept their invitation by the contest organizer. This can be done in two ways: by clicking "join" after following the contest link, or by electing to join when prompted at the end of a session if they've been added to a contest. .

Point System

Contests adhere to the general point system, with two key modifications:

  • Participants begin with a x1.0 multiplier, which doesn't affect their overall multiplier outside of the contest.
  • At the discretion of the contest creator, not every session conducted on the same day may count towards the contest.


If you are part of an organization, it's straightforward to invite entire teams to participate in a contest, sidestepping the need to add members one by one.

Furthermore, organization admins have the privilege of designating a contest as an official event. Official contests are tagged accordingly and featured on the organization's contests page, enhancing visibility and engagement.