Split up into teams

Learn how to create and manage multiple teams in Pausly to enhance collaboration. Customize team settings for sessions and contests, ensuring targeted and efficient engagement within your organization.

In every organization within Pausly, a default team named "All" is established from the onset. This integral team is designed to encompass all the users within the organization, without the option for deletion or renaming.

However, we understand that for larger organizations, managing a single, all-encompassing team may not always be practical. To accommodate the diverse needs and structures of large companies, Pausly provides the functionality to create additional teams. This flexibility allows organizations to segment their users in a way that best supports their operational and collaborative needs.

After creating multiple teams, members of your organization can select the team or teams they wish to join.

Uses of Teams

When initiating a session, employees are presented with the option to share the session exclusively with specific teams, rather than with the entire organization.

Moreover, the team selection feature is also available when organizing contests. This allows for a more refined and targeted engagement, ensuring that contests are relevant to the participating teams and fostering a sense of community and competition within the targeted groups.

Through the introduction of customizable teams, Pausly aims to support large organizations in their quest for efficient, organized, and engaging collaboration and communication.