Outfits & poses

Learn how to personalize your Pausly experience with outfits and poses. Equip outfits for your head and body to showcase your style. Earn outfits by accumulating points or joining sessions on special days. Poses add an extra layer of fun, with different rarities to acquire and display before sessions.

Outfits are a fantastic way to personalize your Pausly experience. Once you obtain outfits, you can equip them and showcase your unique style to everyone who views your profile.

When you start a session, the outfit you have chosen will be displayed to others, allowing you to impress your friends with your fashion sense.

Outfits in Pausly are divided into two categories: head outfits and body outfits. Each user can equip one of each type to create a complete look.

How to obtain outfits

There are two ways to obtain outfits:

  1. By earning points
  2. By completing sessions on specific days

1. Obtaining outfits through points

Every time you accumulate a multiple of 2000 points, you can obtain a common or rare outfit. The chances of obtaining a common outfit are approximately twice as high.

Additionally, for every 10,000 points earned, you will receive an epic outfit instead.

2. Obtaining legendary outfits

Legendary outfits can only be obtained on specific days. Complete a session on designated holidays to acquire them.

Strike a Pose!

Beyond outfits, poses add another layer of fun and personal expression to your Pausly experience. After earning and selecting your favorite pose, it will be showcased to all participants right before a session kicks off. Whether you prefer a dynamic dance move, an impressive handstand, or a playful gesture, there's a pose for every personality.

Just like outfits, poses come in various rarities: common, rare, epic, and legendary, each with its own guidelines for acquisition.