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How do streaks work? Link to this section

As long as you do at least one session per working day, your streak will continue. By default working days are Monday through Friday but you can configure that in your account settings.

Once you reach a 30+ streak, you start collecting Streak Flames! These are collectable and show up on your account. You never lose a Streak Flame once collected, but if you break your streak, you need to build up to 30+ again before collecting any more.

You can read more about it in the blog post: New streak system

How do I know if any of my friends created a session? Link to this section

You can add friends and activate notifications for individual users. If the other user also follows you back, you will get a notification when they start a session.

At the moment, the best way to get your notifications is to link your Telegram account in the settings. If you don’t use Telegram, you can also setup browser push notifications, but they only work if you browser is open. (Slack & Discord coming soon).

Apart from that, you can create a group on your preferred chat app and simply share the links with your friends.

Can I replace single movements if I don’t like them? Link to this section

When you’re on a session page, you have the option to set "Alternative Movements". This allows you get a new individual set of movements that fit your limitations.

But we don’t allow you to simply replace movements for a session because we believe that the movements we don’t like that much, are often the ones we should be doing more often.

Pausly is all about group interactions. If everybody starts exchanging individual movements, then it reduces the shared experience.

How do I get an outfit? Link to this section

At the end of a completed session there is a chance for you to get an outfit. There are 4 types of outfits:

  • Common — it’s very likely that you get one of these

  • Rare — these are a bit harder to get

  • Epic — you have to be lucky but they’re worth it!

  • Legendary — you can’t get a legendary outfit by luck. Legendary outfits are always seasonal that means you can only get them on specific days (for example on new year)

Why does the robot sometimes have different colors? Link to this section

Every day a random movement is selected as the Movement Of the Day (MOD). This movement is always in a highlighted color and is included in every session of that day.

Is there a mobile app? Link to this section

At the moment we don’t offer mobile apps. However, we have optimised the web app for mobile use.

We want to make it as simple as possible to join a session, that means not needing to install an app.

We are thinking about adding mobile apps sometime in the future however to handle notifications and Apple Health integration, so stay tuned!