What is Pausly Pro

Pausly is free for individuals, but whenever you want to use it in a business context, you need to have a Pausly Pro account. Pausly Pro comes with additional features, that are specifically built for companies.

How to get Pausly Pro

At the moment, you need to contact us to get a quote and activate your account. After an agreement is made, we will setup a Pausly Organization for you.

A Pausly Organization is an entity that allows you to manage your members and get stats about the sessions created in your organization.

Every member of your organization gets all Pausly Pro features

The pricing of a Pausly Pro membership depends on the size of your company. See the pricing page for more details.

Additional features

In addition to all basic Pausly features, Pausly Pro offers features specifically built for companies:

  • Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Discord integrations
  • Sharing new sessions directly to all organization members
  • Easy onboarding for members with a company email address
  • Organizing your members into separate teams (for big companies)
  • Anonymous statistics about your company
  • Contests (coming soon)
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