What are alternative movements and how do I enable them?

When you’re on a session page, you have the option to set “Alternative Movements”. This allows you get a new individual set of movements that fit your limitations.

You can change your restrictions and equipment any time, even during a session.

At the moment, these are the possible restrictions you can specify:

  • Exclude floor movements
  • Tight pants or skirt mode
  • Only movements for sitting
  • Train, Bus or Airplane mode

In addition to these restrictions you can also specify if you have additional equipment. If the session includes an exercise that requires one of these equipments the exercise will be enabled for you. Otherwise you’ll get an alternative.

At the moment, the additional equipment supported by Pausly is:

  • Foam roller (sometimes called “Blackroll ®“)
  • Resistance band

Replace individual movements

We don’t allow you to simply replace movements for a session because we believe that the movements we don’t like that much, are often the ones we should be doing more often.

Pausly is all about group interactions. If everybody starts exchanging individual movements, then it reduces the shared experience.

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